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  2. How long he or she was in the trade,
  3. How much the subscriber made in dollars terms and as a percentage of the original investment, and
  4. What portion of his or her overall portfolio was put into the trade.

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As for our flagship publication, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, Porter has published monthly since July 1999. Since that time, he has made 291 investment recommendations. The average return of all of these recommendations (winner and losers) as of April 10th, 2014, is 37.9%. The average holding period for each position was 520 days.

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Original Testimonials of Quotes Used in Promotion:

#1. Jo R.

Received: February 03, 2015

I received the printed book, but not the “e” version of “America 2020”. Outlook may have blocked the email…I love the book; it is so clear and concise. Though I have studied a bit about the smartest way to survive what is coming, this put all the best ideas together in one place! My hat is off to you guys!


Jo R.

#2. Ken B.

Received: February 05, 2015

Dear Porter ,

Absolutely Excellent book !!

I need to buy another 12 of your books for my family and friends.

Your book is:

1. very easily understood,

2. practical in helping to encourage immediate action

3. sound in choices that are suggested,

4. educational to know how to evaluate value, and how to continue with Stanberry Research as a guide.

So then: Can I buy 12 copies to give out to family and friends? I would expect to pay what your normal cost would be.

Also : I want to give Porter 4 books.

I would like to bring them to your offices in Baltimore and see Stanberry Research.

Sincerely, Ken B.

#3. Larry R.

Received: February 03, 2015

I did receive the book and read it the first day I had it. It is a great book that explains our current situation simply and very accurately. I intend to continue to use this book as a guide for investing and I will recommend it to my family and friends. Larry R.
Sent from my iPhone

#4. David N.

Received: February 05, 2015

Greetings, when I replied to your inquiry, it didn’t occur to me to ask if you had any plans to make additional books available to subscribers. I would be interested in buying four or five to give to family members who could use the information for their security planning. It is the best summary in regard to what inevitably must occur that I have seen, with sufficient background material to be convincing, even to those who were raised in this anything goes era. And even though we tried to raise them (they are no longer children and have children of their own) with strong conservative/moral values, the climate that abounds around them is so pervasive, so corrupting that it is hard not to be influenced by it, if only be degrees. These books might go a long way to help them survive in the difficult time that lies before us. Thanks, David M

#5. Carol R.

Received: February 04, 2015

I have not quite finished the last chapter of the book. I can say, this is a story that all Americans should know about. Unfortunately, when I try to explain it to friends, they don’t believe me. Most people simply want to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that nothing is happening.

I don’t usually buy things off the internet, but I am extremely glad that I made an exception in this case.

Carol R

#6. Tommy H.

Received: March 12,2009

The Put Strategy Report has saved my portfolio. I follow it to the letter (and now also PSIA since I’m an Alliance member and Porter is hot these days!) I have some experience trading options and these ideas are solid. Keep them coming Porter! Tommy H

#7. Howard T.

Received: July 14, 2007

I became an Alliance subscriber sometime in 2003. Since that time my IRA has gone from a low of $315,000.00 to the present high of $952,000.00…And I realize that I am a small fish in your sea of subscribers. I have learned a lot from your editors. I don’t trade as much as I used to, and I‘ve benefited from the trailing stop loss that I learned from your editors. Presently I’m in commodity stocks, mostly. I profited a lot from your IMMR recommendation. IMMR is currently my largest holding at $62,000.00. And I sold half of my position last June. It is kind of fun to speculate in Matt Badiali’s prospect generators. I have benefited from my belief that the dollar will continue to depreciate… My biggest problem seems to be the deluge of information that I get from all of your investment letters. I just don’t have the time to read all of it. You have expanded quite a bit since 2003. I don’t have enough money to invest in all of your recommendations. For a while the plethora of information kept me trading all the time. I think I have a wonderful problem, and I can only thank your editors for changing my life so much…

Howard T.

#8. U.R.

Received:June 11, 2009

Hey Porter!
Don’t get me wrong I love a nice truck too, almost as much as a nice boat
and your awesome PUT STRATEGY.
We took delivery of her 3 weeks ago and are cruising the Bahamas. In October
we will take her through the Panama Canal over to the Pacific side since I
just bought a home in Mexico, in part due to your and Doug Casey’s
My wife and I would love to meet you and Steve since we may have a lot
in common.
I guess this was your standing invitation to come visit anytime..
I will also try to make it to your next annual Alliance conference.


PS: I really have been making a small killing with selling your puts!!!

#9. Donald K.

Received:July 10, 2007

I have been an S&A Alliance member since it was first offered. I believe it to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. The investment advice gleaned from Steve, Dan’s and Porter’s advisories made me a better, more knowledgeable investor. Since joining, my portfolio has grown by several hundred thousand dollars. Subscribing was a no-brainer – imagine having access to all the advisories for life at a cost that was covered by less than 4 trades! I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.


Donald K.